Finance & Admin Civil Service Revolving Loan Scheme

                                                   RESPONSIBILITY AND FUNCTIONS OF THE CSRLS

The CSRLS supports Government’s initiative to attract, appoint and retain skilled and qualified professional/technical staff as well as motivate deserving personnel at the lower cadre, strengthen the institutional capacities of Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies through the provision and effective management of Personal, Car and Building loans to Civil Servants.


Functions of the Scheme are as follows:

  • Open applications to Civil Servants
  • Process loan applications received
  • Organize Board meetings
  • Communicate Board decisions to loan applicants
  • Execute written loan agreements for beneficiaries
  • Execute mortgage through collecting and keeping of original Title Deeds, serving as security on the loan
  • Disburse loans to successful applicants
  • Manage loan recovery matters in accordance with the provisions of the stipulated Terms & Conditions
  • To oversee the investment and management of the funds
  • Enter contracts and administer all things necessary in accordance with the stipulated Terms &Conditions on behalf of Government