Civil Service Revolving Loan Scheme Unit Processing Payments for its 15th Batch of the Loan Scheme

Director of Civil Service Revolving Loan Scheme, Mr.Baboucarr Sarr

                                  Director of Civil Service Revolving Loan Scheme, Mr.Baboucarr Sarr

The fundamental objective of the Civil Service Revolving Loan Scheme (CSRLS) under the Personnel Management Office (PMO) is geared towards attracting, retaining and motivating a highly professional workforce for effective and efficient service delivery.

In a brief interview with the Director of the Revolving Loan Scheme Unit, Mr. Baboucarr Sarr, said his office is currently processing payments for the 15th Batch of the Loan Scheme for 2021 Fiscal Year for all the three (3) categories of loan beneficiaries, namely: Personal, Car and Housing loan.

He reported that the number of beneficiaries for this year’s batch is recapitulated as follows: Personal loan 107, Car loan 28 and Housing loan 19 respectively.

Furthermore, he stated that currently, all the successful applicants are notified to come to PMO to sign the Loan Agreement Contract which will be countersigned by the Chairperson, CSRLS, PS-PMO and the Solicitor General. He further clarified that for Personal loan, Car and Housing loans are countersigned by the Chairperson CSRLS, PS-PMO and PS-MOFEA before the disbursement is made.

The Director continued to say that, as of last year the scheme made it mandatory that all payments must be generated through the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS) in order to ensure accountability and transparency of the entire process. However, the Director lamented that, the IFMIS loan process is somehow cumbersome and challenging due to the technicalities involved in processing and disbursement of funds - unlike the previous direct cheque-payment method, which he said, is easier and quicker.

Mr. Sarr assured the applicants that his office is working tirelessly to see how best the payment process can be fast-tracked in the next loan application openings.

Finally, he reiterated the importance of the Scheme for the crucial role it plays in the attraction, motivation and retention of qualified and competent Civil Servants.

By Musa Saho

Communication Officer,PMO