PMO review the Final Draft for New Pay and Grading Structure

Lamin Jawara Permanent Secretary Personnel Management Office (PMO)

The Consultancy by Public Administration International (PAI) to review the Pay and Grading Structure of the Civil Service submitted their Draft Final Report to the Personnel Management Office (PMO). In its preliminary review before the stakeholder validation, the PMO organized a 4 day in-house review exercise from the 7th to 10th September, 2020 at the PMO Conference Room.


The review session was attended by the PMO Job Evaluation team and Senior Management. In his opening remark, Mr. Lamin Jawara, Permanent Secretary, PMO, said, “This aspect of the Civil Service Reform is one of the most important items in the reform agenda of the Civil Service Reform Strategy 2018-2027 and a lot of effort and commitment was put to enable the project reach this important milestone.  He noted that pay reform is paramount to enhance service delivery. He however noted that, one of the major challenges of every change is how to manage the change. Thus, concerted efforts are needed in making us realize the benefits of the reform”.

 The PS went on to say that once completed it would lead to the development of a new Integrated Pay scale, thereby replacing the current one. The PS commended the PMO Job Evaluation team for their good job working with the Consultants throughout the process.  He further urged them to continue on the same trajectory in reviewing the document and take absolute ownership to ensure that it meets the expected results and standards. 

On his part Mr. Sheriff Jallow, the Director of Civil Reform, said that, the main objective of the exercise is to review, analyze and scrutinize the final Draft Report from the Consultants to ensure that the document is acceptable and presentable to sectors, before the planned validation meeting with all MDAs. He therefore, called on everyone to take the exercise seriously as their input and scrutiny would go a long way in ensuring the achievement of the Pay and Grading Reform objectives”, he emphasized.

With these few words, the PS finally declared the review process opened.

By Musa Saho

Communication Officer PMO