CSLRS disbursed its 14th batch of loans to Civil Servants

Mr. Baboucarr Sarr, Director of Civil Service Revolving Loan Scheme

The fundamental objective of the Civil Service Revolving Loan Scheme is geared towards attracting, retaining and motivating a highly professional workforce for effective and efficient service delivery.

In a brief interview with the Director of the Revolving Loan Scheme Unit, Mr. Baboucarr Sarr, the scheme has completed the disbursement of loans to Batch 14. This was disbursed to all the three different categories of loan beneficiaries, namely; Personal, Car and Housing Loans to eligible civil servants in the first half of 2020 fiscal year.

The number of beneficiaries for the 14th batch is summarized as follows: Personal 107, Car 18 and housing loan 14 respectively.

 Mr. Sarr is happy to report that they have opened a fresh batch in response to COVID 19 and processing of applications in this batch is well on the way.

However, Mr. Sarr identified some of the biggest challenges facing the scheme is the inability of the scheme to issue loans to all the applicants due to limited funds.

Another major challenge facing the scheme is the late allocation of funds which also leads to late disbursement of the loans to the beneficiaries.

He indicated that he is working tirelessly to address the challenges as the Scheme is playing an important role in the attraction and retention of key Civil Service Personnel.

By Musa Saho

Communication Officer PMO